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About Us

Hi there!

We’re Dave & Maura, a couple of creatives currently living in Seattle, WA.

For the past few years, we’ve been shooting film, traveling the world, learning to cook without setting off the fire alarm, and eating, drinking, and exploring in the city we call home. We can’t wait to share our adventures!

Right now, our plan is simply to write – about anything and everything we find exciting, frustrating, funny, or compelling. We’re thinking of it as a tiny slice of Millennial life.

Dave & Maura

Maura is a digital marketing lady with an old soul & a taste for adventure. Natural redhead. She loves writing, travel, photography, espresso, biking, camping/hiking, yoga, social justice, and watching Parks & Rec and the Office on an endless loop.

Dave loves film photography, brewing beer, mountain biking, hiking, and backcountry camping. Utah enthusiast (Proof: He’s driven from PA to Utah THREE TIMES, twice solo). By day, he’s a videographer for a production company in Seattle.

We may have been brought together by a love of biking, travel, photography, and the outdoors, but we also obsess over breakfast food, happy hour, and Molly Moon’s ice cream (among plenty of other things). We dance around the kitchen to Jens Lekman and spend our evenings dreaming of where we can go next. So far, we’ve explored Asheville, North Carolina, the backcountry of Canyonlands National Park, spent 2 weeks wandering Amsterdam, Brussels, Brugge, London, and Bath, road-tripped to Washington, D.C, and most recently, picked up our lives and moved to the West Coast. It’s been a few months since then, but we already have our sights on the next adventure. Stay tuned! 😉

Why a Blog?

We’re writing this blog first and foremost, as a way to be creative together. Normally, they tell you to “find a niche,” but we’re rejecting that notion. Better done imperfectly than never done at all, so we’re figuring it all out as we go. We need room to evolve and push our boundaries. We want a space to explore our passions and preserve our adventures, wherever they take us.

And perhaps most simply, we created this blog to document our lives and our love After Whitsett.

What’s Whitsett?

We’re glad you asked.