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Video: How to Expose Both Sides of 35mm Film


A few days ago, @girlwithagraycat reached out and asked me how I made these recently posted images. Feeling creatively inspired, I created my first ever tutorial video that (hopefully) encourages more analog photographers to try exposing both sides of their 35mm film, especially since it doesn’t really require any new gear.

This topic is pretty important to my photography, because exposing both sides is the main reason I started shooting film again in 2016. I had randomly stumbled upon @hodachrome’s redscale photography using this technique, and something just went off in my brain – I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to be doing with my creativity.

Of course there are many more advanced techniques not discussed in this video, but I hope it serves as a good starting point. I’m happy to answer questions and take suggestions on how future videos could be better, so please leave a comment below! I’d also like to thank @girlwithagraycat, @mundane.profane.sublime and @maura.stewart for shooting some of the filmswap images that appear in this tutorial.

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